Please use these quick links to helpful resources:

Easily Track Your Federal Refund

Tax Calendar for Businesses & Self Employed: Internal Revenue Service Tax Calendar

Tax Rates change each year

I.R.S. Tax Forms & Publications

Document Retention Guidelines: A general guideline for the retention of various documents

Colorado Department of Revenue State Tax Form

As a convenience to our clients, we provide links to the following information and calculators to help you better understand and estimate financial scenarios. Please note, these calculators are for estimating purposes only, and Garza Tax & Accounting is not responsible for the calculations or calculator functionality.

Cash flow is the incoming and outgoing of cash, and represents the operating activities of an organization or household. Try these handy Cash Flow Calculators to estimate your cash flow scenarios.

Paycheck & Benefits Calculators: As an employee, it’s important to understand what your pay and benefits package is really worth.

Taxation Calculators: Do you understand how you are taxed and how that impacts your financial situation?

Credit & Debt Calculators: Your existing credit and debt factors into your ability to obtain new credit. Understanding what your current debt liability is and how it affects your credit is important when making choices that may impact your financial situation.

Home & Mortgage Calculators: Do you currently own, or are thinking about owning your own home? Understanding how you can impact your mortgage liability, or lower your monthly payments, etc., can be very helpful.

Insurance Calculators: Knowing your family is provided for if something happens to your ability to provide income can be very important.

Auto Calculators: How much car can you afford, or is there a way to lower your monthly car payment?

College Calculators is great tool for parents and grandparents saving for their child(s)/grandchild(s) college expenses, or for anyone saving for their own college expenses.

Retirement Calculators: How long do you need to work, or is there an advantage to waiting a little longer to retire in order to maximize your retirement income, or how much should you be saving each month or year in order to meet your retirement goals?

Note: these resources are provided by third party providers as a convenient reference for our clients. Garza Tax & Accounting is not responsible for the content or advice provided, and we recommend verifying all data with applicable experts.